Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband, I am sorry you got the stomach flu, and I still can't believe that you had made it into your mid-twenties never having it before. Since I've had it five times since I've know you perhaps this was a lesson of empathy.
Dear Vacation, You were just the breath of fresh air I needed to gain perspective and break up the monotony. Thanks for not letting me down.
Dear NYC, You stole my heart.  Now that we are acquainted, there is the possibility of us becoming besties (i.e. Living within one of your super small but expensive units)
Dear Yanessa, Words cannot describe how much I have missed you and what a great time we had with you guys last week!
Dear Husband, Lately you have been a bit snippy with me.  It is not necessary nor welcome.
Dear Home, Please just clean yourself, frankly I am not in the mood.
Dear Summer, I'm soooo happy you are here. Please don't let me down but allow me to have fun adventures, picnics, road trips and beach days while you're here instead of wishing what I had done during your visit come Fall.



  1. omg, this is by far the loveliest post i've read. i feel like kissing you for being so looovely!


  2. summa timeeeeeeeeeeee, brunch and beach date? I say yes. yes please.


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