Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New York

New York City is probably one of the craziest yet most exciting places I have been to.  We took a Bolt bus from Boston to New York on Tuesday.  It was only a 4 hour bus ride and dropped us off right at Penn Station.  Immediately, I embarrassed myself (so typical) by trying to go through a turnstile with my luggage...yes, as you can imagine, I got stuck.  So embarrassing! Eventually the security let us through the handicapped gate after laughing at me for what seemed like forever. It was raining in Brooklyn where we stayed on Tuesday/Wednesday, but we still walked at least 5-6 miles around and saw the Brewery and went around Dumbo (probably one of my favorite spots as you are by the water and get an incredible view of the city). 
Late Wednesday, we went to the city to meet our good friends who let us stay with them the entire time (thanks N and Yanessa!!!) and the adventure truly began.  Every day we explored and saw beautiful neighborhoods, historic and touristy sights, took long walks, subway rides, ate delicious food and drinks and ended the night cracking up to SNL skits.  We got to have a picnic in central park with live music, champagne, baguette, cheeses and watching the fireflies.  All in all, it was such a good time. 
{Wall Street}

{My favorite treat: a Orchid Cream Vanilla
and Pear snowball with ice cream from
Imperial Woodpecker in the West Village}

{Rooftop drinks with friends at The Met and the Prada exhibit}
(I wasn't allowed to take photos so I was sneaky with my phone=bad quality)
{St. Patrick's Cathedral}
{Grand Central Station}
{Walked the High Line-my favorite thing I did}

We ended our adventure with the Jazz Age Lawn Party.  More tomorrow on that!


  1. I was just in NYC! Great city. That snowball looks delicious.


  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, vacation a success!

    <3 Kat

  3. Wow! It looks so amazing! My husband and I are hoping we can go next year. He's been there to visit his brother, but I've never gone.


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