Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Recently I've been seeing so many fun nail designs on social media with the mention of the name Jamberries.  I wasn't sure what that was and then an old friend emailed me letting me know she was selling them and asked if I wanted a starter kit.  She had me choose between two designs and two days later, they had arrived.  The kit came with the nail designs, directions, a nail file, an alcohol wipe and an orange stick-everything one needs to apply (other than a hairdryer).  I am somewhat simple and get a little overwhelmed by the thought of trying new things, but one night after Yoga, I found some free time to test them out.  It turns out it was so easy!  They honestly took less than 5 minutes to apply four different ones and there was no dry time!

Try them out! It costs nothing and you will love them! Click HERE to request samples!