Thursday, January 15, 2015

Everlane Luxe

I have been trying to simplify my wardrobe for some time and Everlane makes it easy for me.  Their clothes are perfect for casual settings or for work so I have been able to clear out the old clothes to make room for less but more suitable pieces.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Resolutions

 Welcome 2015! It's a new year and I am excited to see everything this year has in store.  It's not that 2014 was a bad year, it was actually a good year of growth in many ways.  Like most people going into the new year, I created goals and hope to stick with them past the first three weeks of January.  Some of these goals are relationship centered, some physical, some career oriented and some spiritual.  Something I would love to do more of this year is mindfulness and working on being present.  I also want to live for the moment more and not live in fear of the unknown, basically to take more risks and enjoy the adventures.

Speaking of adventures, we rang in the new year by heading up the coast a couple of hours to the small town of Los Alamos.  We stayed at the Alamo Motel (a must stay) and slowly meandered our way back to LA on New Year's Day.  We went with our friends Eric and Courtney (pretty little fawn) and had such a fun-filled time!  Here are some shots of NYE and our lodgings.
Cheers to a New Year!