Monday, May 7, 2012

Give Them the Flowers Now!

Yesterday, I received a phone call from an old best friend that I haven't spoken to for a few years.  When these phone calls come, you know they either accidentally butt dialed you or something is wrong.  Sure enough, it was the latter.  One of our close mutual friends from jr. high and high school died in her sleep.  At first I was shocked and really couldn't react, but as I tried to tell my husband what had happened, the words turned into tears.  This was a young, intelligent, funny and friendly girl who had been dealing with issues her whole life and despite recently getting her Master's and wanting to become a counselor to help others, could not find the help or peace she needed here.  As my friend told me the news, she apologized for us losing touch and not talking and mentioned wanting to reconnect and it got me thinking how easy it is to get so busy with life and to forget to be a good friend and family member.  This poem has been going through my mind all night and serves as a good reminder to make time for people in your life and let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Give Them the Flowers Now

Closed eyes can't see the white roses,
Cold hands can't hold them, you know,
Breath that is stilled can not gather
The odors that sweet from them blow.
Death, with a peace beyond dreaming,
Its children of earth doth endow;
Life is the time we can help them,
So give them the flowers now!

Here are the struggles and striving,
Here are the cares and the tears;
Now is the time to be smoothing
The frowns and the furrows and fear.
What to closed eyes are kind sayings?
What to hushed heart is deep vow?
Naught can avail after parting,
So give them the flowers now!

Just a kind word or a greeting;
Just a warm grasp or a smile--
There are the flowers that will lighten
The burdens for many a mile.
After the journey is over
What is the use of them; how
Can they carry them who must be carried?
Oh, give them the flowers now!

Blooms from the happy heart's garden
Plucked in the spirit of love;
Blooms that are earthly reflections
Of flowers that blossom above.
Words cannot tell what a measure
Of blessing such gifts will allow
To dwell in the lives of many,
So give them the flowers now!
-Leigh M. Hodges

To start out this week, here is a new challenge:

Contact someone you have lost touch with and reconnect; either through a phone call, a hand written letter or a get-together.  Make it personal and sincere and just enjoy your conversation/time with them.

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