Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Watercolor Nails

I love the look of watercolor paints on just about anything.  I have been wanting to try fun watercolor nails for awhile now, but due to a lack of time, I did a watercolor accent nail on each hand.  I chose some fun spring colors and it was so easy, just a little time consuming.

You will need:
nail polish
top coat
brush (I used an eye-makeup brush)

First paint your nails whatever base color you want.  Make sure you use 2 layers of top coat on them and let them dry.  Then choose the colors you want and make dots on your fingers.  Next, dip the brush in acetone so it is damp and then swirl the paint dots on your nail.  (I dipped it in the acetone often to clean the brush so they don't all mix into one color). Once it is looking how you want, then apply another topcoat and let dry. Now you try with your favorite colors!
Base color: Innocent Nude by Sally Hansen
Colors: Mod-ern Girl, Stranger Tides, Did It On 'Em, Fly (all by OPI)
Top Coat: Pink Glove Service by Essie

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