Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Downtown LA, You are absolutely disgusting in any temperature over 80 degrees.  Walking in your 93 degree weather mixed with smog, dog poop (seriously Spring Street dog owners, clean it up!) and the smell of pee makes me miss living in the suburbs. You are lucky you get the cool breezes in the evening and you are so rad, so I forgive you.
Dear 90's, I am so happy you are back as you were dearly missed.
Dear Husband, Please try to have more patience with me.  I know I can be frustrating at times but I don't mean to be.
Dear Mattress on the Ground We Call Our Bed, I hope you like your new Anthro quilt. Now if only you didn't live on our floor.....
Dear Heatwave, You have officially gotten me over summer. I am longing for crisp air, chilly nights and dead leaves.
Dear Earthquakes, Thanks for only being little jolts.  You have made your point, now leave us alone.
Dear Next Week, You are going to leave me with my hands full, but in a good way. Super excited and see you soon!



  1. found you on the link up, can't wait to read more of your blog!


  2. seriously, hott. but the west side has cooler breeze



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