Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Sebastian, You are so silly and sometimes sassy. So much personality for such a small little guy.
Dear Husband, Other than stealing my laptop this past week everyday, you have been pretty darn rad and so sweet to me. Thanks for that.
Dear Hot Weather, I'm not saying you have to leave, but you can't stay....sooooooo.....???
Dear Self, I know you have been busy but remember to take time to do things you love to do for you, and also to work out more because you love getting amped on endorphins (it's the bro in you).
Dear East Downtown/Boyle Heights, With your cheaper rents, awesome buildings, the way you remind me of Brooklyn and incredible views of the city, you are looking very appealing for when our lease is up. Just sayin.
Dear Long Hair, I thought I would miss you a lot more than I actually do.
Dear Short Hair, You are welcome to hang out for awhile, as it is so nice for a change. Also, you are super easy to get along with and I love your friend you've brought along with you, sassy 'tude.
Dear DMV, You truly are terrible.  Why are your lines so incredibly long even now that you offer online services and have registration kiosks?! And why do you make everything difficult?
Dear Readers, I know I have been slacking a bit lately on posts, but I will try to make September a better month. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh no! Which DMV did you go to? Next time go to the one in long beach it's the easiest especially if you make an appointment. Or if no appointment just go early.


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