Monday, August 27, 2012

August Challenge: Donate IV

Today is the last Monday in August and will be the last segment of my August Challenge to donate.  It has been a great month as I have pushed myself to focus on donating once a week within this month.  First starting with going through our home and boxing up clothes and household items we no longer use or need and donating to the Salvation Army.  Next was donating of money (or time as "time is money") in which I tithed at our church and am sending in money for a charity to build a well in order to provide clean drinking water given that "one in nine people lack access to clean water." The following week, I chopped off my mane and donated it to an organization which provides wigs for children with hair loss at no cost to the families.
This final week I am donating my blood.  The Red Cross is always in need of blood and it is such an easy way to donate as we all have blood and it replenishes itself.  I am blood type O+ which means there is great use for my most common blood type.    In order to donate blood to Red Cross, click on this link and type in your zip code to see where the closest donation center will be for you, then just schedule an appointment.  It is super easy and a great way to donate and give if you are not financially able.
**Also, I have received a few comments of people also participating in this donation challenge.  If you have donated recently, please let me know in the comments as I love being inspired by others as well!

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