Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: No Doubt

Growing up as a kid in nineties in Orange County, I (like most others) was obsessed with No Doubt.  I had two copies of Tragic Kingdom: one in my Discman and one in my boom box at all times.  I remember watching MTV and watching the "Don't Speak" music video and feeling the pain of her breakup with Tony (lame? maybe, but hey I was 10).  When I first heard "Settle Down" I didn't love it.  However, after giving it another listen and watching the video-it has really grown on me.  Continuing with their trend of using reggae and ska and moving into the world music sound, I should not have been so surprised by it.  BTW, how does Gwen still look sooooooo incredible?!?! Has she even aged?


  1. ya it hasnt grown on me yet :( i hope it does!!!!


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