Monday, July 9, 2012

Birthdays and Bubble Baths

Ever since last Wednesday, I have had a pretty celebratory schedule! Last Wednesday was of course the 4th, in which we went to Orange County to spend time with family and play with sparklers.  Thursday was my birthday in which my husband and I went to brunch, then had a pool party/ rooftop BBQ.  It was so fun and thanks to all who came!! Then this weekend I went down to Orange County again and had a great time celebrating my birthday with my family, had drinks and girl talk with a long-time friend and ran around to Farmer's Markets, shopping and pedicures with my mom.  Such a good birthday! Of course, come Sunday night, all I needed was a relaxing bubble bath to get ready for this week ahead. I now have a Sunday night ritual: a drink, candles and a long bubble bath!


  1. I like that idea!


  2. I haven't had a bubble bath in ages, but I got a free bath bomb thing from Lush the other day. Looks like I will be having one soon.

  3. Happy Birthday! A pool party and rooftop BBQ sounds so fun. That bubble bath looks relaxing!!

  4. that bath looks amazing!


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