Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Veggie} Enchiladas

Mexican food is my absolute favorite!!!  I like it if is Authentic, Tex-Mex, Americanized, I like it all.  When I'm in Orange County, I always go to El Torito with my family-it is good, consistent and the servers know us by name.  I recreated their Spinach Enchiladas at home and made it my own and it turned out sooooo good...and healthy.  I used 100% whole wheat tortillas and served it with shredded kale, pico de gallo and quinoa. Delish!!!
Everything I used
I sautéed the veggies in olive oil with cumin and cayenne pepper.
Then added the black beans  
Rolled the mix in tortillas with sauce and cheese.
Then baked for 25 min! So easy =)


  1. Awww happy to see you are cooking some yummy mexican good for you! We should go to Brunch to El Torito some day. Major catching up to do


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