Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marc Koska at Apolis

On Monday night, I attended an event at the Apolis Common Gallery featuring a photo exhibit, talk, and Q&A with Marc Koska, the inventor of the K1 Auto-Disable syringe.  Apolis hosted the talk while Handsome Coffee Roasters and The Pie Hole provided the espresso drinks the delicious dessert (respectively)!  There was a good turnout of about 40 people who were interested in learning more about Marc, what inspired him, how his invention works and why we should care.  The reuse of syringes is a huge problem and is the main contributor to the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood born diseases, particularly in third world countries where there are fewer resources and little education.  To watch his Ted talk and find out more about his invention, click here.  He also started Safepoint Trust, a charity which aims at spreading awareness of this issue and how it can be resolved-click on the link to find out more.

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