Friday, November 4, 2011

Bang{in} Hair

I have super thick and long hair.  I have had more than enough bad haircuts--either people make it really choppy, give me the razor/mullet cut it or they bust out the thinning shears and go to town leaving me looking like Princess Toadstool.  I found a stylist I love, but budget issues have prevented me from seeing her post-wedding.  Today after over 6 months of no cut or color, my lovely mother gave me her Groupon for Madison Salon in Newport Beach.  I drove down and decided to be extra brave by letting someone new touch my hair (only cut) and I finally got bangs after 6 years of growing them out and playing it safe by having the same hairstyle! I'm SO happy I did.
Minus 4 inches, layered and bangs.
Thanks Veronica
(Better pics to come next week)

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