Monday, April 30, 2012

Health and Fitness Challenge

Today I am going to be writing a little more than I usually do on here, but it has been a week since my last post so I am making up for lost time.  First off, I pretty much fell off the face of the earth last week unless you dined in a restaurant I work at or are a coworker of mine.  I worked Monday and Tuesday day shifts, then 12 hours a day Wed-Fri, followed by my usual 8 hour Saturday shift.  My feet and entire body are exhausted and in need of rejuvenation.  It was a challenging week not only physically, but also mentally as I was trying to study and learn a complete menu and drink list each night after working those long shifts.  However, I feel like I challenged myself and succeeded and this week even though I am achy and more tired than usual, I feel really good.

I am deciding to challenge myself this week to a health and fitness challenge.  I have been attempting to tone up and lose the 15 lbs I gained since my wedding last May for awhile now.  I do work out and am very active in my jobs already, but as healthy as I eat most of the time, I am not so disciplined.  My husband and I end up going out to eat more than we need to (we live in a cultural food explosion and there are so many great options literally right outside our front door) and we almost always like to finish meals with a little something sweet (often time this something is not so little).  I also work at a gastropub which means it is my job to drink beers and know about them to help guests that do not know much about craft I also drink a lot.

Here is what my challenge will look like:

A work out every day

Still meeting up with friends, but eating healthy snacks

Cooking at home the majority of the week

When going out to eat, making smart choices

Allowing myself to indulge once within this week (I'm not made of stone)

Cleaning, organizing and getting things done that need to be done 
Making a list of goals for the month of May and sticking to them

I find that by writing things down, I am more likely to do them.  I always make lists of things to do in a day, shopping lists, even random ideas I have because without these lists, I will probably get distracted and not accomplish anything. This is my health and fitness challenge list.  Want to join me?  Are you having a challenge of your own to yourself?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Good Luck!! I find that if I write things down, I'm more likely to get them done as well. My goal for this week is to get some writing done and get my house unpacked! We've been in our place for a month and I still don't have the dresser drawers filled or boxes unpacked.


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