Friday, March 30, 2012

Sick Days

So today, I woke up with my eye feeling a little irritated, sore and it was difficult to keep open without burning.  Here I am 10 hours later with it bright red and swollen shut.  To top it off I also have a sinus infection and no health insurance.  Thankfully, I found a clinic that wasn't too expensive and I am on my way to a weekend of medicine, rest and healing.  Here are some things that I am sure will keep my spirits up and prevent me from getting cabin fever all cooped up.

Painting My Nails

A Pistachio Cupcake from Magnolia
I had this today and it def. helped ;)

Teaching myself new braids
A french fish-pig tail

Some quality time with Sebastian

Recapping on some 90's favorites thanks to Netflix

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