Monday, March 5, 2012

LA Heatwave

This weekend, it got pretty warm.  On Sunday it got into the 90s here in LA and it got me so excited for summer! I know so many people hate the heat and while I'll admit I don't like sweating and getting stinky, there is just something about having fun-filled days with friends at the pool and long warm evenings that I have been craving!  Some of these things I got to experience this weekend to satisfy the soul, others I am still waiting for...
**Bloody Mary's and reading poolside
Fresh Squeezed lemonade
**Walks around the neighborhood
Boating fun

Staying cool by any means
Looking gorgeous and sun-kissed
Vintage swimsuit fun
**Snacking on fruit all day

Taking an adventurous outing with friends
**= these pictures were taken by me. 
All of the others can be found on my Summer Love pinterest board

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