Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Invisible Children + Apolis

Last Thursday night, I had the privilege of attending an Invisible Children event hosted by Apolis in the Arts District of Downtown LA.  They showed the film Kony 2012, which went viral last month and has had millions of views and has stirred up some criticism as well.  I had seen the film before and found it moving, but what made it more real and personal was they had an escaped LRA survivor, Gabriel, who was there to tell his story.  He was a few days away from turning 20 and this was his first time in America (He said he loved it so far and especially loved eating Cheeseburgers).  Hearing his story and then talking to him after, was an incredible and touching experience.  It was just another reminder of how blessed I am and that I should not take it for granted.  

These bags were made by women who had been raped or forced into prostitution
by the LRA.  Each bag has the woman's name who made it and her thumb print.

Everyone sat to watch the Kony 2012 video.
After the video, Gabriel shared his experience.
If you still have not seen the video (I don't know if that's even possible), then click here.  Also, sign the pledge if you are moved to help bring justice to Joseph Kony.


  1. I have seen it and I'm sure everyone's on board! Great message, love that you use fashion as your forum, keep up the awesome posts!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. lovely pictures girl! :)


  3. Kony is so inspiring and heartbreaking. At the same time I think people need to see what is going on in the world so we can change it.



  4. I think it`s great how everyone is trying to do something to help this cause. xx



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