Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Veggie} Stuffed Tri-Colored Bell Peppers

Last week, I made stuffed bell peppers for my husband and I.  They turned out super yummy!!!  I used the Tri-Colored Peppers from Trader Joes, Beef-less "Meat" with Mexican seasoning, canned tomatoes with green chiles, and cheese.  I served them with spinach tossed in olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.  **If you're not vegetarian, use ground turkey instead for a healthy meal**
An easy, but delicious recipe!
Cut off the tops and remove all seeds
Get water to a boil and submerge peppers for 3-4 minutes
(or until their color gets brighter) to soften
While water is boiling, cook "meat" with cumin and cayenne
pepper, then add tomatoes without the juice
Place the bell peppers in a container to cook them in the oven
and stuff them with "meat" mixture
Add cheese and bake for 45 minutes at 350


  1. These look positively delicious! Mum used to make a baked potato with mince and cheese and it sort of reminds me of this (however this is more healthy!) .. Am going to try it for dinner this week, thanks for sharing. P.s I never would have thought to have boiled them first so Im glad you put an accompanying photo!

    Anna xo


  2. I've never tried these although I am a huge fan of bellpepers this looks ao tempting to try. I def will save this recipe


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