Monday, December 5, 2011

Mason Jar Snow Scene {DIY}

I have mentioned before that Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores.  Even if I don't love their clothes in a certain season, I always get inspired by their home section and their decor.  They had a salt shaker snow scene that I had on my Anthropologie Wishlist seen here. After seeing them in the store, I decided to make my own for myself and as gifts for a fraction of the price.

Materials needed:

Mason jar or empty sauce jar
epoxy glue
figurines/Christmas decor
white sparkling sugar 

Nail polish OPI "Cuckoo for this Color"
Here is one I gifted to my sister in law with an
Anthro g/c on the bottom tied with yarn.
(Again, sorry about the lighting-iPhone)
It was so easy to make and I love the way they looked in person. Try one!

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  1. that's so funny! my friend and I also made some at our craft night!


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