Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Handsome Coffee Roasters

There is a new coffee shop in LA and now one of my favorite stops on weekday mornings.  Handsome Coffee is opening later this month in the Arts District in Downtown LA.  While it is not officially open yet, they brew espresso drinks     M-F 7:30-12 as a preview of what is to come.  You enter through the back way in the alley and they have an old car bench seat (couch) and other fun decor.  Their barista Jesse pulled me a shot of their espresso blend (which is not at all bitter), made me a great cappuccino, and the best macchiato I have had.  Handsome was founded last year by World Barista Champion Michael Phillips, Tyler Wells and Chris Owens--all of whom left Intelligentsia to pursue their own ideal of roasting and brewing.  Stop in, say hello and enjoy a great coffee experience.

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  1. hey! we just got a bag of handsome coffee from Daniel & Mercedes!


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