Thursday, December 1, 2011

Buy Local{+Global}

This week is National Buy Local Week (Nov. 25-Dec. 4).  It falls right after Thanksgiving and while most people are doing their Christmas shopping, this is the perfect opportunity to support independent locally owned businesses within your community.  Here in Los Angeles, there are so many small communities and so many local buisnesses that this is not difficult for us Angelenos.  It can be as simple as shopping at a neighborhood boutique, dining at a small restaurant within your community, or even going to your local farmers market.

During this week, take time to reflect on your purchases and keep in mind that you can shop local while supporting the larger global economy as well.   Use this market bag by LA based company Apolis while shopping at your farmers market.  The bag was made in Bangladesh and supports giving opportunities to people to work.  Check out Apolis and their Local+Global campaign.

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