Thursday, October 27, 2011

Benny and Joon

After a long week of early mornings, a new job, and my challenge to take a new workout class every weeknight, I needed an evening to lay in bed in my most comfy clothes and watch whatever movie I wanted (those who are married will understand the value of this).  I had never seen Benny and Joon and have wanted to watch it for so long! It was entertaining, heartwarming, and inspiring.  Joon's long floral dresses and oxfords with folded white socks made me reflect on my elementary school style (which I still love)! The scenery (beautiful Spokane), craftsman house, style and Joon's 90's eclectic room made this a delightful movie to watch. Oh and Johnny Depp is always a plus ;)

If you have not seen it, or it's been awhile, then do yourself a favor and watch it!

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