Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Pin}spiration: Home Decorating

 This weekend, my husband and I officially decided we would be staying in our current place once our lease is up.  While I love looking for new places to live and imagining all the possibilities in a future space, moving is my worst nightmare and there is something comforting about knowing you will be somewhere for awhile.  We weren't planning on staying more than a year before so we have not really decorated or made this place our own so I cannot wait to do so! We want it to reflect our interests and personalities and feel like home so we want a minimalist-mid-century-bohemian style (yes, I know we are walking contradictions).  We love bright colors with classic yet comfortable pieces and we pretty much just want it to feel like the nineties when we're home.

We have this quilt: Gila Quilt via Anthropologie

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  1. All of these home decor finds are incredible and make me want to go out and furniture shop! Love it!


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