Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Streetcar, I hope are voted in to come back downtown as it would be great for the growing community here.  Oh, and I had a great time at your party last night!
Dear Body, I know you have been working a lot this week and it was pretty exhausting, but why do you feel like you were hit by bus a bus?! You aren't even thirty yet, please get it together!
Dear Palm Springs, You were just the mini-relief I needed in order to function properly.
Dear LA Beer Week, So excited you're here and can't wait to partake in some festivities!
Dear Husband, I feel like we've been so busy lately, but thanks for being so great! And I cherish our days off to walk to coffee together and just relax!
Dear Santa Monica/Venice, After our visit last Friday, I thought I'd let you know I had a great time! You are 10 degrees cooler, smell like the ocean and are just darling.
Dear Traffic, I blame you on why we can't live out by the sea.
Dear Week, You just flew by! Sheesh!
Dear SF, It's been way too long!!! See you in a couple weeks, please have your best coffee, cocktails and cool weather waiting.


  1. SF will definitely have cool weather waiting for you! That's something you can pretty much always rely on. And I really want to go to Santa Monica now. Too bad it's an 8 hour drive.

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  3. Hello Ms. Busy bee, I'm glad to see your exploring the few weeks!



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