Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Cara Box {nautical}

This month I participated in the Cara box gift box exchange again via Wifessionals, with the ever so appropriate theme for summer: nautical.  I realize that nautical has been a trend and is possibly overdone at this point, but as someone who has always loved all things nautical (I am a July baby after all) I couldn't have been happier.  I was partnered up with Stefanie and Ashley this month, both of whom it was nice getting to know better via their blogs and email conversations.  It was a bit difficult to keep up this month as I was teaching summer school full time and was swamped with lesson planning and grading.  Anyway, when I arrived home from my last day teaching and saw the little box on my porch, I ran in the house and couldn't wait to open it.  Thanks so much Ashley, I loved everything and my house is now finally feeling a bit more summer-like.
Ashley sent me a tumbler, sunglasses, blue and white nail polish (very nautical), the cutest notebook, an Anchors aWeigh sign (I believe she made), post-its for my upcoming school year (little did she know, I live my daily life by post-it to do lists), and a super cute picture frame with an anchor and a painted wooden A (both not pictured).  SOOO thoughtful!!! =)

Cara Box

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