Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Summer, Excited to see you again! Although this year we do not have a pool and central air so my enthusiasm may be short lived.
Dear Husband,  I feel like we have both been so busy with work lately and we NEED to take a vacation soon.  A city with good food, lots of places to walk, coffee and brews will do OR something relaxing and tropical-like for a change.  I'm game wither way.
Dear Readers,  I have truly missed blogging but have been so caught up with responsibilities and life, but I look forward to getting involved again.
Dear Sabus, You are such a goon and we are thinking of getting you a little brother soon...NO, not a baby but perhaps a dog.

Dear Siblings, I am so proud of you! Sister for graduating college, Brother 1 for going to school full-time, working and being creative while doing what you enjoy, and Brother 2 for graduating high school.  You guys are making me feel old, so stop it already. ;)
Dear Career, Alas the time has finally come.  I wasn't sure if this was ever going to work but I so look forward to this summer teaching Government and next year teaching 7th grade history!


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