Thursday, April 30, 2015


I am so excited and honored to take part in the Minnie + George lookbook, a project in which 10 bloggers were asked to shoot one of the new bags in the collection.  Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by Lori Caldwell, Minnie + George bags are simple in design, yet expertly crafted with leather hides sourced from a 4 generation family business in Oregon, Oregon Leather Co.   Lori named the company after her parents, Minnie and George Caldwell, who were/are her biggest supporters and have demonstrated the importance of love, hard work, dedication and commitment to personal excellence; qualities she exemplifies in her work and craft.  All of her bags are classic, minimalist and durable and there is a bag that seems to fit everyone's personal style!

I took my Standard Hand-Stitched Tote to my neighborhood park for a mini picnic with my friend Courtney who helped me snap a few shots.
Click HERE to check out the whole collection as it unfolds over the next week and don't forget to look for tomorrow's bag on The Mop Top.

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  1. Beautiful, Alisia! Thanks so much for participating!


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