Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Meet Finnegan

The past month has been quite an adventure.  First, work started again and so much of my time is spent lesson planning and trying to find creative ways to present the material to my students.  Second, we adopted a dog!! We found him in a parking lot adoption and saw him jumping straight up and down and had to go check him out.  We walked over and he jumped straight up over the enclosure into my arms....well, the rest is history.  We had to take him home after that, I mean, he chose us after all.  Third, a few weeks ago I got a bad case of strep throat which led to a fever of 106, me passing out and  going into shock and a life-saving 911 call by my husband.  This month has been anything but boring, and has given me a fresh perspective on life and the blessings and I am so thankful to have.

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